Spiritual Advisor

Our services at Masonic Lodge


Services: 1st & 3rd Sundays

Mini-Readings: After services

Mini-Healings: After services

Full Readings: By appointment

Classes: After Sunday services


Service: 10:30am

1st & 3rd Sunday of every month

Celebration: 12:00 noon

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Spiritual Advisor

Welcome to the Institute for Spiritual Development. The logo for the Institute expresses the Eternal Human yearning for spiritual enlightenment. With its roots in the mud, its stem in the water, its leaves and flower opening out to receive the celestial dew and the radiance of the sun, the Lotus embraces the four elements of creation and epitomizes the four levels of consciousness. It is from this form that we - the inheritors - take our radiant birth as Children of the Universe.

Ever conscious of the dynamic, creative and sustaining force within us, you are invited to unite your hand to ours in the Spirit of Family to engender the best hopes of humanity in ourselves, in our time and in our place. Dare to put aside the obstructions of self, the illusion of outward programming. Dare to live by concentrating on the things that unite us rather than the things that divide us. Dare to stretch beyond the comfortable limitations of the past to express by your life the immense beauty that lies within. Dare to be open responsive and responsible. Dare to be The Ambitious Violet of which Kahlil Gibran speaks: “Ambition beyond existence is the essential purpose of our being.”

A Mystical Church for Metaphysical Living, the Institute seeks to provide a common ground in which spirits passionate to grow may resolve the differences of mind and experience which appear to separate us.

To grow by sharing, in joy as well as in pain; a shelter to nurture the best that is within us, a proving ground of our resolve; a place of peace, hope, light and comfort ... of work, rest spiritual growth and enlightenment -- If the Institute is, it is this! Thus with love do we greet you, and with hope do we grow with you ... not by the efforts of one or a few, but by the energy of all.

— Rev. James E. De Biasio
Spiritual Advisor and Founder