Our services at Masonic Lodge


Services: 1st & 3rd Sundays

Mini-Readings: After services

Mini-Healings: After services

Full Readings: By appointment

Classes: After Sunday services


Service: 10:30am

1st & 3rd Sunday of every month

Celebration: 12:00 noon

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Declaration of Principles

We believe in Infinite Intelligence.

We believe that Infinite Intelligence expresses Itself in all existence and in humanity as a manifestation of Divine Love.

We affirm the unity of all life, everywhere.

We believe in communion with all planes of existence, and that meaningful communication flows from this connection.

We affirm the divine right of each individual to seek the Truth in accordance with their consciousness, and that living in harmony with that Truth defines true spirituality.

We affirm that spiritual unfoldment is progressive and unending, and that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any soul.

We believe that the highest morality is contained in the mandate: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

We affirm the personal responsibility of the individual, and that we choose our happiness or unhappiness as we apply the Laws of the Universe.

We affirm that life is eternal, and that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.

We believe the ultimate expression of God in our life is unconditional love of our neighbors and ourselves.

We accept that the living gifts of Prophecy and Healing, reported in all Sacred Scripture, are an affirmation of Divine Spirit working through us.