Services: 1st & 3rd Sundays
Mini-Readings: After services
Mini-Healings: After services
Full Readings: By appointment
Classes: After Sunday services



Service: 10:30am
1st & 3rd Sunday of every month

Celebration: 12:00 noon


Madison Masonic Lodge
170 Main St
Madison, NJ 07940
(973) 698-4591

Our Path

As we build our spiritual home, we record our challenges and joys to commemorate our history.


05-05-19 : Forgive A Resentment, Reverend Barbara Scipio
05-19-19 : Soul and Spirit, Reverend Diana Flanagan
06-02-19: The Active Life, Diane Bitler
06-16-19:  Truth Worth Telling, Deacon Gary Dillon
07-07-19: Judgement, Reverend Diana Flanagan
07-21-19: Focus on the best that could happen, Reverend Barbara Scipio
08-04-19: The Evoluntionary Enlightment, Reverend Diana Flanagan
08-18-19: 10 Secrets for Inner Peace, Reverend Barbara Scipio
09-15-19: Miracles from the Heart, Irene Sonja Fanane
10-06-19: Faith, Deacon Gary Dillon
10-22-19: Thank the Universe, Reverend Barbara Scipio
11-03-19: The Grand Option, Reverend Diana Flanagan
11-17-19: Meditate, Reverend Barbara Scipio
12-01-19: Matthew 11:28-30, Deacon Gary Dillon
12-22-19: This Winter's Night, Reverend Diana Flanagan
01-19-20: Know That Angels Are Right Here, Reverend Barbara Scipio
2-02-20: Expectations, Reverend Diana Flanagan
2-16-20: Self Love and Care (Tribute to Saint Valentine), Deacon Gary Dillon
3-01-20: The Fifth Agreement, Reverend Diana Flanagan
03-15-20: Acknowledge That You Do Everything Right, Reverend Barbara Scipio
4-12-20: The Divine Matrix, Reverend Diana Flanagan
4-19-20: 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, Reverend Barbara Scipio
5-03-20: Gratitude, Reverend Diana Flanagan
5-17-20: The Four Agreements, Reverend Barbara Scipio
06-07-20: , Reverend Diana Flanagan
06-21-20: Release Worries About Your Loved Ones, Reverend Barbara Scipio
12-24-20:All ISD Christmas Eve Service
01-03-21:Reverend Barbara Scipio
01-17-21: Reverend Barbara and Reverend Diana
02-07-21:Reverend Diana Flanagan
02-21-21: Reverend Barbara Scipio
03-07-21: Deacon Gary Dillon
03-21-21:  Reverend Barbara Scipio
06-06-21: Reverend James De Biasio - 

Reverend James De Biasio

ISD-DC1:The Greatest Prison Break of All Time by Rev James De Biasio
ISD-DC2:Hoping Is Expecting by Rev. James De Biasio
ISD-DC3:  Easter Week 2018
ISD-DC4: Prologue to Resurrection  
ISD-DC5: "All is Sacred, I am Sacred"
ISD-DC6: "Words of Love"
ISD-DC7 : "You made me me"